Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Mac Hammond: Religious Con Man

Mac Hammond of Living Word Christian Center in Minnesota is one of the prosperity gospel preachers under investigation by Sen. Charles Grassley for financial shenanigans. Like all prosperity gospel ministers, he is a first class huckster who specializes in separating the ignorant and the credulous from their money, then spending that money quite lavishly. He lives like a king – homes, boats, cars, even a private jet.

He’s fighting Grassley’s subpoena of financial records from his ministry and a magistrate judge has sided with him, recommending that the district court refuse to enforce the subpoena because it came from the wrong government official. It’s a highly technical case involving questions of which official at the IRS replaced a previous official who was required to sign off on such investigations. But below the fold, I’ve got video of Hammond saying that he would welcome an IRS audit because, gosh darn it, he’s just so honest that he wants to make sure he’s complying with the law.

My favorite part is where he talks about his expensive wardrobe and how he likes nice clothes, but not as much as his wife. But, he says, he only does that because he’s sure that if he looks better, he’ll preach better, “so I’m doing that for you, amen?” Hilarious.