Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Ed Returns to the Stage

This is rather unexpected, but I have agreed to make a one-night return to the stand up comedy stage. I got an email this week asking me if I would consider performing at a dinner for the Michigan chapter of the Center for Inquiry. Frankly, the timing is terrible. The dinner is December 10th and I’ve got the radio show starting on the 4th and I’m speaking to the Michigan Atheists convention on the 6th. I really don’t have time for this. But I can’t turn it down. This is the audience I would have killed to have in a comedy club 16 years ago – smart, well informed, skeptical. They’ll get the jokes. And that’s too good an opportunity to pass up. I’m going to try and make sure it will be videotaped so I can put up the footage of it, or at least audio taped so I can air some of it on my radio show. This is gonna be fun.