Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Stupidity on The View

PZ posted this video and I’m going to do so as well just because it’s such a perfect example of the daily stupidity on that show. They’re talking — ignorantly — about evolution. I mentioned my hatred of The View once and had a woman conclude that I just hate the idea of women giving their viewpoints. Well no, I just have no patience for people giving idiotic viewpoints (and her presumption was every bit as idiotic as this clip).

I would love to see a TV show with an intelligent, well-educated group of women. Give me a show with Virginia Postrel, Jan Crawford Greenburg, Camille Paglia and Elena Kagan on it and I’d be glued to it. But Joy Behar? Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Rosie O’Donnell (yes, I know she left the show)? I’d rather be tied to an anthill covered in honey to watch such vapid nobodies offer opinions on any subject.