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Rick Warren’s Bill Buckingham Moment

Bill Buckingham, you may recall, was the Dover school board member who denied under oath, both in depositions and on the witness standing during the trial, that he had never, ever used the term ‘creationist’ at any time when discussing his desire to use a supplemental textbook in science classrooms in the Dover schools. Then the courtroom was showed videotape of him telling a reporter that the textbook used was “laced with Darwinism” and that it had to be “balanced with something, like creationism.”

Rick Warren is having a similar moment. Rachel Maddow just showed video from the Saddleback church website of a message Warren recorded for his congregation on Sunday night where he denies completely that he has ever compared gay marriages to incest or pedophilia. And here comes his Bill Buckingham moment:

And he’s flat out lying, as Buckingham did. He does in fact compare gay marriages quite explicitly to incest and pedophilia and when asked directly if he thinks those relationships are the equivalent of gay relationships he replies, “Oh I do.” Game, set, match.


  1. #1 Ian
    December 26, 2008

    Yvette Flunder. She’d be my top choice. What about Sister Helen Prejean? Someone who’s done something.

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