Dispatches from the Creation Wars

OMG! The Gays Again!

Here’s another one of those famous Worldnutdaily headlines expressing outrage at a perfectly reasonable court ruling:

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Here’s the article they link to, which involves a gay couple who adopted – at the request of the birth mother – a baby born prematurely and has raised that child for the last 3 years.

The adoptive fathers have been trying to get the child’s birth certificate to list both of them because it allows them to do things that are legally taken for granted for any other parent:

Adar and Smith say they have practical and emotional reasons for wanting both of their names on the birth certificate of the boy, identified only as “J.C. A.-S.”

Because Smith’s name wasn’t on the document, his employer initially refused to enroll the child on his insurance, Smith wrote in a sworn statement. Smith, an accountant, is the family’s breadwinner.

The administrator eventually agreed to cover the boy, but “I am forced to go through this process each and every year” to keep him insured, Smith wrote.

“As an adopted child myself, I understand the need a child has to feel like he or she belongs,” Smith wrote. “I remember as a child wanting to see my own birth certificate and to see my parents listed because it gave me a sense of belonging, a sense of identity and a sense of dignity.”

Adar also said the family often travels, and because the boy is black and they are white, an airline worker once stopped them, thinking they were kidnapping the child. “Every time we fly, we fear this could happen again,” he wrote.

A federal judge ruled in favor of the fathers, but the Louisiana attorney general may appeal the ruling. But good lord, why? What’s the counter-argument here? Do they want this child not to be covered by his father’s insurance? Do they want to create legal hassles for the parents? Would they rather the child have languished in an orphanage or get bounced around from foster home to foster home rather than be adopted?

The answers, in many cases, is probably yes. Some people really do think that they must make life as harsh as possible for gay people (and even innocent children associated with them) because that might dissuade others from making the “choice” to become gay. As if people sat down and did a cost/benefit analysis when deciding their own sexuality. And of course, these are the same people who cry about “family values” while doing everything in their power to do damage to this family and hundreds of thousands like them.