Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Hi Everyone!

This is Jon Rowe, guest blogging here. I’d like to first thank Ed for giving me the opportunity. I’ve long admired his work and greatly appreciate his support of mine. I have three other blogs: 1) My personal blog that collects everything I write; 2) Positive Liberty that has a libertarian theme; and 3) American Creation that is dedicated solely to discussing the issue of religion & the American Founding from a variety of different perspectives. I guess I’m best known for my research on America’s Founding Fathers and religion. And that’s a theme I’ll stress here while guest blogging.

My posts on the matter can get meticulously detailed and long. For the sake of space I’ll try to write shorter posts and when necessary link to the longer content for those readers who want to get into the nitty gritty detail.

Oh yeah, in my day job I’m a community college professor where I teach business, legal and political science courses. I have a bachelor’s degree in music from Berklee College of Music and JD, MBA, and LL.M. graduate degrees all from Temple University.