Dispatches from the Creation Wars

More Wackiness from WND

In Ed’s absence, somebody had to take over the unenviable task of reading the World Net Daily for y’all. And I laughed my ass off over this one.

Report: Ice Age to blast Earth
Glacial era predicted to freeze planet for next 100,000 years

Wait, wait, that’s not the wacky part. Here’s the wacky part:

Pravda, Russia’s online newspaper, claims evidence shows the warm, 12,000-year Holocene period will soon end, and the planet will experience a glacial age for the next 100,000 years.

That’s right. The WND–a religious right organization–is so eager to bash their domestic political opponents that they’ll even accept a report from Pravda. Granted, it’s no longer a Soviet mouthpiece, but I gew up in the Cold War, so to hear the nutcase righties quoting Pravda is truly a trip into the twilight zone.

Of course with temperatures here in southern Michigan hitting -17 last night, I am–for the first and probably only time ever–tempted to believe both Pravda and the WND.