Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Last year there was a lot of controversy over goings on at a Muslim charter school in Minnesota and the anti-ACLU types gave their usual silly argument – “Why isn’t the ACLU suing over this? They just hate Christianity and don’t care about Islam.” In fact, the ACLU had said then that they were investigating the situation, as was the state of Minnesota, even while the charter school was making some changes in response to complaints.

Now the ACLU has concluded that the changes were not enough to remain within the law and they have filed a federal establishment clause suit over it. You can view the complaint here (PDF). Some of the charges:

TIZA operations are problematic for a number of reasons including:

* TIZA leases both of its campuses from religious groups;

* TIZA and the Muslim American Society of Minnesota (MAS-MN) and TIZA’s landlords are linked by a complex, interconnecting set of personal and corporate relationships. The leadership and operations of TIZA and MAS-MN have always been overlapping and MAS-MN officials function in prominent leadership positions at TIZA.

* TIZA has been shown to advance, endorse and prefer the Muslim religion over other religions or nonsectarian approaches in connection with school activities.

This will be interesting to watch.