Dispatches from the Creation Wars

No, not Craig Smith the former Boston College basketball player. Craig Smith, the Worldnutdaily columnist who wrote this absurd column expressing great outrage at Barack Obama for issuing executive orders – without ever bothering to discuss the substance of those orders at all.

Anyone with a sixth grade civics education understands the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in their design of three specific branches of government and the accountability each enforces.

Apparently President Obama skipped the sixth grade.

Within the first three days of taking office, Obama has signed five specific executive orders without any advice or the consent of the legislative or judicial branches – the same branches the founders believed were essential for effective and accountable government. This is an unprecedented number given past presidents like Kennedy, Carter and Clinton only signed one in the first few days of taking office and Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush signed zero in the same time frame.

Hmmm. How does one even begin to unpack such a package of stupidity? Smith seems to think one of two things: that issuing executive orders is a terrible, terrible thing that violates the separation of powers….OR….that issuing executive orders early in one’s administration is a terrible, terrible thing that violates the separation of powers. How bizarre.

He can’t possibly mean the first one, right? Every president issues executive orders and many executive orders not only don’t violate the separation of powers in the Constitution but are necessary to preserve such separation by ordering executive agencies to follow statutory law passed by Congress. He can’t possibly believe that ALL executive orders violate the separation of powers, can he?

Still less could he believe that executive orders issued in the first few days of an administration are inherently terrible. But then why else mention how many previous presidents issued in their first few days in office, especially without ever discussing what those executive orders did?

And this is not even to mention the idiotic argument about not consulting with the judicial branch about those executive orders. In this country, the courts do not — indeed cannot — issue speculative or advisory rulings. Obama cannot ask the courts for advice about executive orders before issuing them. Perhaps it was Smith who skipped 6th grade civics class? But the real stupidity is just getting started:

Maybe Obama has abandoned the whole concept of a constitutional republic and is embracing early on what many of us feared: a Socialist dictatorship with our supreme, beloved leader Caesar Obama. Castro’s Cuba, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China may soon see the list include Obama’s America unless some of the Republicans in Congress grow a set of … well, nerves.

Again, bear in mind that not once in this column does Smith even mention what those executive orders have actually done. Which of those orders does Smith believe subverts our constitutional republic and brings us closer to a Stalinist or Maoist nation? Let’s see….

The executive order that tells all executive agencies to redo their implementation of the Freedom of Information Act to ensure more transparency and accountability in the government and guarantee our citizens access to government documents? Yep, that’s exactly what Stalin would do. Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves in outrage!

The executive order that forbids the military and intelligence agencies from engaging in the kind of torture that has routinely been committed by communist and totalitarian nations around the world? Chairman Mao must be beaming with pride at what his minion Obama has done!

The executive order that closes down the Guantanamo Bay prison where we have held hundreds of men without charges, subjecting many of them to brutal abuse so bad that we had to hide them from the Red Cross so the world wouldn’t find out? Why, that’s just what Castro would do. What’s that? That’s exactly the sort of arbitrary abuse of power that we have long accused Castro of? Well that’s….different. For special, lucky, magic reasons.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Robert O’Brien Trophy winner, your idiot of the month, Craig Smith.