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Blago’s Incredibly Ridiculous Defense

You can argue all you want about how unfair the impeachment of Blago was and whether it subverted the presumption of innocence, but I don’t think anyone could seriously suggest that Blago is not one of the most delightfully absurd politicians to come along in quite some time. And it isn’t just the hair. There seems to be no bottom to how ridiculous the man can be.

I could not stop laughing for several minutes after seeing him declare on several TV interviews that the profanity heard on those wiretapped phone conversations was something he would never do in any other setting and he made sure to point out that there were no women listening in. Yes governor, it’s the salty language that is the problem, not the fact that you tried to sell the Senate seat.

But he trumped all of this with his appearance before the Illinois Senate this week, where he declared that he did it all for the children and the old people:

“What did I do in this case but provide health care for low-income families?” the governor asked at one point during the nearly hour-long speech. “How is it an impeachable offense to protect low-income parents from losing their healthcare? How is it an impeachable offense to keep those families in a position to be able to see their doctors?”

At another point, Blagojevich asked “how can you throw a governor out of office who was acting to protect the lives of senior citizens and infants and trying to find ways to be able to help families?”

Folks, this isn’t a parody. I know it sounds like something the SNL writers would put into the mouth of a politician to make them sound stupid, but he actually said this. He actually wants you to believe that the Illinois Senate is impeaching him for signing legislation that they passed. Does it get any dumber than that?