Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Religion? There’s No Religion Here

My friends at the Texas Freedom Network have been working 24/7 to prevent the creationists on the Texas Board of Education from watering down the science standards in that state, knowing that whatever happens there will affect the rest of the nation as well because they are the largest purchaser of textbooks in the country. They’ve been putting up audio files of the testimony and debate on the TBOE and they offer this little gem from the testimony from a witness picked by the creationists on the board:

Why do we persist teaching students the religion of atheistic humanism, under the guise of scientific, factual evolution? Which is neither scientific nor factual, when you only present one point of view.

Teaching students that they evolved and are nothing more than animals degrades their quality of life, and robs them of meaning and purpose for life. The twisted reasoning of humanism in seeking to exalt man, reduces him to an animal devoid of will and the ability to choose the virtuous. The fruits of this God-denying teaching are: lying, cheating, stealing, promiscuity, chemical abuse, suicide, crime of all sorts, and a reduction in academic achievement.

There is no factual scientific proof that functional complex life has arisen from disorder by chance. Who are you going to believe – God that was there, or men that weren’t?

But remember, this has nothing to do with religion.