Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Kinsolving’s Amusing Argument

Les Kinsolving is one of the Worldnutdaily’s stable of wingnut writers. He’s also their White House correspondent, the one who asks hilariously loaded questions that make the other reporters roll their eyes. Here’s the headline of his most recent column:

i-cf058394fdac8aa225a2a9c7a0097f0f-worldnetdaily headline7.jpg

In the column, he actually compares German priests who are protesting the Pope’s lifting of the excommunication of Holocaust denier Richard Williamson to Martin Luther. Comparing those who protest anti-Semitism to Martin Luther, one of the most vile and barbaric anti-Semites in history? Is he serious? Yep, he is. I love this quote at the end:

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, has asked the Holy Father to reverse his lifting of Williamson’s excommunication because: “You can’t condemn anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and then reinstate someone who’s a Holocaust-denier.”

I suggest a corollary rule: You can’t condemn anti-Semitism while simultaneously invoking the name of Martin Luther, a man who ordered his followers to burn down Jewish homes and synagogues and run them out of his country.