Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Perry Names Sex Toy Hater to Parole Board

Here’s one of those “only in Texas” stories. Gov. Rick Perry has named a woman named Shanda Perkins to the state’s Board of Pardons and Paroles. She has absolutely no experience in criminal justice, of course, but she is a loyal footsoldier in the War on Orgasms:

As far as I can tell, Mrs. Perkins’ sole experience in the criminal justice realm stems from a personal morality crusade against the sale of sex toys in Johnson County that led to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals overturning Texas’ law on the subject.

Need I point out that Perkins is the daughter of a Pentecostal minister? And just wait till you see a picture of this harpie:


Yikes. Get that woman a vibrator fast, preferably a diesel-powered one.