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Dumbass Quote of the Week

This week’s dumbass quote of the week is from our old friend Joseph Farah, grand poobah of the Worldnutdaily. He not only repeats the ridiculous lie that the stimulus bill contains billions of dollars for ACORN, he ratchets up the rhetoric well beyond the absurd level:

But it has been thought out. I want you to know that. This program, along with the whole of the so-called “stimulus” bill, has been considered carefully. No member of Congress may have read the bill. But that bill was written by someone. The programs it creates have been in the works for years. Money is being handed out to people who helped get Obama and the Democrats elected. Groups like ACORN, the shock troops and brown shirts of their movement, are being paid off with billions of dollars.

I’m not a fan of this stimulus bill. I have serious concerns about whether it’s a good idea. But the arguments the Republicans have been using against it are so idiotic that it almost makes me think it must be great. They’re just flat out lying, claiming that the bill contains a “sin express” between LA and Las Vegas, a healthcare rationing board and billions for ACORN. FactCheck.org debunks this last claim completely.

The bill does include funds for which ACORN would be eligible to compete – against hundreds of other groups. But most is for a housing rehabilitation program ACORN says it never applied for in the past and won’t in the future.

The two programs ACORN is eligible (along with hundreds of other organizations) to apply for, the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), were both signed into law by Republicans presidents, one by Ford and one by Bush the Younger. This bill does increase funding for the two programs, but 80% of that funding goes to the NSP, which ACORN has never applied for and has no intention of applying for. They have received a grand total of $1.6 million from the CDBG program over the last 4 years.

David Vitter says that ACORN is getting billions of dollars in the stimulus bill for a “political payoff.” Then again, Vitter’s idea of a stimulus bill is the amount he pays in a month for hookers to dress him up in diapers.


  1. #1 mroberts
    February 27, 2009

    mroberts, by picking two of the most expensive films of the time, you’re using outlier data. Your example says nothing about whether movies have gotten more expensive to make on average.

    Taz, considering the sheer number of movies made the hugely varying costs to make each movie, it DOES make sense to pick the big blockbusters. The most expensive blockbusters of the past and those of today. Should I be comparing Blair Witch to Ben Hur? Or a Charlie Chaplin flick to Titanic? Why are you harping on this anyway? The point is not so much the prices of movies as it is that the price for EVERYTHING has gone up. This is undeniable. A look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates the reality of what I am saying. EVERYTHING has gone up in price, including movies. The CPI in 1914 was 10. See link below for proof:


    The CPI in 2008 was 215. Again, see link below:


    Plug 1914 and 10 into the inflation calculator at the following link:


    Wow! Look at that! The end value for 2009 is 211! It is NOT a coincidence that plugging the CPI of 1914 into the inflation calculator yields pretty close today’s CPI value. Inflation is what is driving the price of everything up. Because it takes more dollars to buy something today than it did in the past does NOT mean stuff is more expensive. It means that dollars have less purchasing power. I’ve seen ads where men’s dress shirts sold for around $2 to $3 dollars in 1920. Plug that into the inflation calculator and you find that in today’s dollars that same $2 to $3 is about $20 to $30, which is about the price you can buy a men’s dress shirt. This is not a coincidence, it is a symptom of the inflation of the money supply.

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