Dispatches from the Creation Wars

I Get Email

The pace of the crazy emails seems to be picking up. Here’s a crazy letter I got from some wingnut named Steve Morris. Enjoy.

Mr. Brayton,
Relative to your article of 2/4/09… I don’t know where you’ve been for at least the past 10 years but here’s a clue for you. The Left here in America and in Europe have been the greatest apologists and allies that radical Islam could ever have hoped for. The unbelievable silence of the Left on what the deranged followers of mohamed have been doing around the world since before the Clinton presidency, is deafening. What Ms. Ali knows, as well as every other refugee from the religion of the whirling dervishes, is that they’ll get no support from the Left, period. They not only will get no help, but like the Jews living under Vichy French rule, will get handed over to their persecutors for good measure. Even if the Left wanted to defend people like Ms. Ali, they are so intellectually bankrupt that if ideas were ammunition, they wouldn’t have enough to fire a warning shot. Anyway, whatever would possess them to want to undertake such a mission after all this time would be beyond me, and anyone else for that matter. The alliance between the Left and radical Islam has always seemed strange to me since they would be the first to be put to the sword if Islamists ever got the chance. They basically hate Leftists way more than they hate your average infidel. How can you defend Western ideals when you don’t believe them yourselves? Your put down of Christianity and any notion of American exceptionalism proves the point. You couldn’t even convince a rational person of the West’s many virtues, let alone someone who hates with a ferociousness so complete that even the Kamikaze pilots of WWII would be taken aback. Muddled relativism indeed. Hasn’t that been the Lefts’ rallying cry for the past 50 years? You guys can’t even figure out whether it’s worse to be confined at Gitmo or have your head cut off, very slowly, with a rusty knife . I suggest you leave the defense of the West to conservatives who at least have the expertise, sincerity, and wherewithal not only to defend the West but carry the banner forward. You guys should just take it easy and go back to propounding on the virtues of homosexual marriage, abortion, legalization of drugs, illegal immigration, peace at any cost, and whatever else you all take a fancy to.
Steve Morris

This is your pinata; swing away.