Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Jindal: Not Ready for Prime Time

Did anyone else watch Bobby Jindal’s response to Obama’s speech the other day and think that this guy is not even remotely ready to challenge for the White House in 2012? It was an absolutely awful speech. It sounded like a kindergarten teacher reading a story to the kids, full of exaggerated inflection. It was a transparent attempt to come off as charismatic without really being charismatic.

Worse yet was his attempt to be all folksy in his speaking manner. He was trying to imitate Sarah Palin’s style, but Palin’s style works for her because she really isn’t very bright and she really is just “one of the gals.” But Jindal is a Rhodes Scholar and his mannerisms are somewhat effete. Trying to play folksy just does not work. Bill Clinton could pull off the “really smart guy talking like Bubba” routine because he was from Arkansas and has the accent. Jindal sounds incredibly fake trying to do it. The Republicans better have a plan B for 2012.