Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Love Those Worldnutdaily Headlines

Another delightfully idiotic Worldnutdaily headline:

i-520b6d016c58606e97364ed882043fee-worldnetdaily headline8.jpg

Wow, a “homosex-fest”? They allowed that on network television. Oops, my mistake. By “homosex-fest” the Worldnutdaily means that a couple people during the broadcast dared to suggest that gays were human beings with equal rights.

The Oscar winner for best original screenplay used his acceptance speech as a pro-homosexual soapbox tonight, promoting same-sex marriage and federal equal rights for “gays” and lesbians…

Sean Penn also promoted the homosexual agenda during his own acceptance speech for best actor, saying, “We’ve got to have equal rights for everyone.”

He first addressed the audience as “You Commie homo-loving sons of guns.”

Damn. You had me at homosex-fest.