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I Get Email

I’ve long wondered why I didn’t get nearly as much crazy email as PZ does. It’s downright unfair for all the nuts to focus on him and not on me and, quite frankly, I’ve come to resent it. Thankfully, the pace of crazy emails seems to have picked up a bit in recent weeks. The latest amusing example below the fold.

Ed, do you know what science is? As a journalist you should know the answer to the question as it is the most fundamental question.

In any event science is this: Hypothesis, proof, theory. Very simple. If you use reason at every step you end up with science. The problem with evolution is that it lacks proof. Hence, reason is not possible. You dig? By the way I am trained in science, not dogma, I mean Journalism. Sarcasm intended.

Evolution is a cute idea, but just that, a cute idea. If you don’t believe me read James Watson, he is the father of modern Biology. If you don’t believe Watson, then Google the math necessary for evolution to work. Just so you know we are talking terms of not 1:1 but 1:1x 10 to the 40,000. Hence, impossible.

Thanks for you time, it is not necessary to continue a debate with me. To debate me you’re going to need facts, something desperately lacking in your support for evolution. By the way please refer to this website: http://www.don-lindsay-archive.org/skeptic/arguments.html#laziness. It list all kinds of fallacious arguments, such as: « “If You’re Not A Christian You’re Going To Die” . In this argument you say what exactly? That Christians are devout? Yea so? How does this prove your point that Evolution is true? It doesn’t. You are simply trying to suggest that people with religious dogma are incapable of logic, right? Are you also saying that only non-believers can believe in Evolution? Are you saying that all evolutionist are atheist? Really Ed, don’t you think you should spend some time with the evidence before you condemn the believers?

I can see the fallacies flying inside your head. This guy must be a Jesus freak. You are checking out my name. He’s a hispanic, therefore must be a Christian. Idiot!

Logic, it can free you. Read up on it. Don’t fear it.

Rick Torres

Washington University St. Louis 1983 (Biology)
UConn Health Center 1987 (Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry)

By the way, you look like Rush Limbaugh with a beard.

This guy has a seriously stupid dialogue going on with the Ed In His Head, which seems to have only the most tenuous relationship with anything I’ve actually said.


  1. #1 386sx
    March 25, 2009

    Case in point: Today, in an op-ed in the Austin American Statesman, Dan McLeroy summons the (apparently creationist) spirit of Stephen Jay Gould…

    And the standard is not religious but does raise a problem for the evolution hypothesis in that stasis is the opposite of evolution, and “stasis is data.”

    See also:



    McLeroy said that while “some of the material was taken from the creationist site, he added: “A lot of the quotes I did get on my own.”

  2. #2 Steve Matheson
    March 26, 2009

    Not to be piling onto Wash U., but…well…just go here. And it may be worse than you think…go here. A bankrupt deli owner is a model citizen by comparison.

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