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Radio Show Preview 03-26-09

On tonight’s Declaring Independence, we’ll have part 2 of last week’s interview with Mary Kane (done live, not recorded) about the government’s various bailout programs. Then we’ll have none other than PZ Myers on the show for the second interview. PZ wrote on his blog a couple days ago:

Ed and I are planning to strip naked, grease ourselves up with bear fat, tie our left wrists together, and go at each other with Bowie knives. It will make for great radio!

Unfortunately, I had my producer check into it. It seems that if PZ and I really did strip naked, cover ourselves in bear grease and go at each other with bowie knives, that would bring a big fine from the FCC even on the radio. So we’re gonna have to do the next best thing: make fun of creationists. It’s too bad. He had me at “strip naked.”


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    March 27, 2009

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