Dispatches from the Creation Wars

How Bout Those Spartans?

Unbelievable. Incredible. I wrote at the beginning of the season that MSU had the talent to make the Final Four, but I really didn’t think before today that they could beat Louisville. I figured we just couldn’t handle their big, athletic guards. Boy was I wrong. I guess it’s time to learn not to doubt Tom Izzo, who is now in his 5th Final Four in the last 11 years. Every single 4 year player for him has gone to at least one final four. That’s unreal. Understatement of the year: The guy can coach.

I also said at the start of the season that the key to this team making a deep run was Goran Suton, who can be maddeningly inconsistent but has serious talent. But as he did last year, he’s stepped up his game during the tournament and has been their MVP so far. He’s playing great defense and shooting the lights out on offense and he’s outplayed far more highly ranked big men.

I was shocked by how lifeless Louisville was. The last few minutes of the game they didn’t even bother to foul to try and win the game. It looked like they just gave up. Once MSU put that run on them to get a double digit lead in the second half, Louisville just looked completely demoralized. I’m really surprised that Pitino couldn’t get those guys more motivated than that. And it turned out my brother was right, it did end up being a blowout.

And how perfect is the timing? Not only do they get to go to the Final Four when it’s being played an hour from campus, but they get to do it on the 30th anniversary of the Magic Johnson national championship win over Larry Bird’s Indiana State team in 1979. You couldn’t have scripted it any better. You know CBS and the NCAA are going to have Magic and Bird all over the place next weekend, now Magic gets to cheer on his alma mater at the same time.

I’m tempted to go to stubhub and see what the tickets are going for, but I know it’s gonna be way more than I’m willing to pay. More than anything, though, I hope the idiots on campus don’t start another riot as so often happens.