Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Whitson on ICR Lawsuit

Tony Whitson, who comments here from time to time, has an analysis of the ICR’s lawsuit against the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for refusing to certify them to hand out master’s degrees. And it includes pictures of the complaint that really have to be seen. The attorney who wrote the complaint, James J. S. Johnson, wrote it like an outraged email to a blogger rather than as a normal legal complaint.

I mean, the thing is full of randomly capitalized, bolded and underlined words. It quotes the Bible repeatedly and refers to the Expelled documentary. Whitson is absolutely right when he says:

Even Casey Luskin could have done a better, more calm, sane, reasonable, etc. job of legal writing than this. The complaint is full of wild, sophistic rhetoric — so wild that it looks like it was written for some other purpose, without any regard for actually trying to win something in court. It’s written in the kind of language used by Hollis Greene in Big Love when he’s talking on the telephone. I thought maybe this was written by a law student in a crackerjack-box law school (or does ICR also have its own School of Law?), but it appears that James J. S. Johnson got his JD from the University of North Carolina.

Which only reminds me that Eric Rothschild, the brilliant lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the Dover case, is a graduate of Duke Law School.