Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Klayman Puts on His Tinfoil Hat

Larry Klayman and the Worldnutdaily are a perfect match. If Michelle Bachmann is the prom queen at Wingnuttia High School, Klayman is her king. His latest bit of lunacy is in claiming that the outbreak of swine flu is an act of biological warfare. And the Worldnutdaily calls him an “anti-terrorism expert.” No, seriously.

With 40 confirmed cases of swine flu in the U.S., an anti-terrorism expert is questioning whether the outbreak is an act of biological warfare.

Freedom Watch, a public interest watchdog, believes that there is a very good possibility that the precipitous outbreak of the virus in Mexico, which has now spread to the United States and other western countries, is not the result of happenstance – but terrorism.

Anti-terrorism expert? Klayman knows as much about anti-terrorism as I know about the art of Origami. He’s a lawyer. A really bad lawyer who loves filing silly lawsuits. He’s what Larry Fafarman would be if he could get the dosages right. And you’re going to love his “evidence” that swine flu is spreading as an act of terrorism:

“What could be more clever than planting the seed in neighboring Mexico and allowing it to spread to the United States?” Freedom Watch asked.

The organization speculates that after President Obama’s outreach to Iran and other Middle Eastern leaders, coupled with his denunciation of Bush administration
interrogation techniques, his defense of the Muslim world could be seen as an asset to terrorist groups and may explain why the pandemic began in Mexico – to protect the president.

“In this dangerous world, with an American president who is widely loved in the Arab/Muslim world … one must ask the hard question: Is this a coincidence or the result of a slick way to attack the United States without having President Obama, a perceived long term ‘friend,’ blamed for the attack?” Freedom Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman said.

He noted that terrorists might believe it makes sense to attack the United States and its western allies without putting the “boogie man” on Obama, who Klayman said appears ready to move quickly toward the creation of a Palestinian state on the West Bank of Israel and has attempted to appease Iran and other hostile Middle Eastern states.

Wow, that’s really compelling evidence. Apparently Klayman suffers from a delusion that turns his “gosh, wouldn’t it be clever if…” fantasies into reality.

I debated Klayman about 4 years ago on Jim Babka’s radio show. We debated the Terri Schiavo case, which Klayman had asserted himself into (along with Alan Keyes, who went with Klayman to meet with Jeb Bush to urge him to take action) and he was pretty much completely clueless.