Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The Continuing Fall of John McCain

Andrew Sullivan puts together three quotes from John McCain that speak volumes about what an empty shell of a man he is. He once showed moral courage with his unyielding stand against torture, but now he argues against prosecuting Bush for ordering it. Here’s the first quote, speaking about the need to impeach Bill Clinton to preserve the rule of law:

“But we are not asked to judge the President’s character flaws. We are asked to judge whether the President, who swore an oath to faithfully execute his office, deliberately subverted–for whatever purpose–the rule of law,” – John McCain arguing for the impeachment of Bill Clinton for perjury in a civil suit, February 1999.

And the second, unequivocally calling waterboarding torture:

“Anyone who knows what waterboarding is could not be unsure. It is a horrible torture technique used by Pol Pot,” – John McCain, October 2007.

And the third, reacting to proof that the U.S. used that horrible torture technique hundreds of times by suddenly ignoring the rule of law:

“We’ve got to move on.”

How mavericky of him.