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In an amusing bit of hypocrisy, Liberty University has decided to pull recognition from the College Democrats as a student organization.

Liberty University will no longer recognize its campus Democratic club because, officials say, the national party’s platform goes against the conservative Christian school’s moral principles.

Officials at the private Lynchburg school, which was founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, said they made the decision after receiving complaints from trustees, parents and donors.

A lot of Democratic leaders are angry about it:

The decision led to swift and strong criticism by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and the three Democrats running to replace him. Kaine, who spoke on the campus on behalf of then-Sen. Barack Obama last year, urged the school to reconsider.

“For Liberty University to deprive the College Democrats of the same opportunity as College Republicans . . . violates that fundamental principle of fairness and teaches the students the wrong message,” Kaine said.

Terry McAuliffe, one of the Democrats running for governor in the June 9 primary, organized a conference call with reporters yesterday to denounce the school’s actions.

“People are tired of the division,” McAuliffe said.

The other Democratic gubernatorial candidates, R. Creigh Deeds and Brian Moran, released statements condemning the decision.

“Restricting free speech and discouraging students from participating in the political process are not what our colleges and universities should be about,” Deeds, a Bath County senator, said.

“Colleges are supposed to be a marketplace of ideas — even ones you might not agree with,” said Jesse Ferguson, Moran’s spokesman.

All of which is true, but Liberty is a private school and can do what they want in this regard. But let’s shine a spotlight on the hypocrisy. After all, this is the home of Liberty Counsel, which files suits whenever other schools refuse to recognize Christian clubs.


  1. #1 Scott Hanley
    May 26, 2009

    As I’ve long said, religious conservatives cannot grasp that there is a definition of “education” which does not equate to “brainwashing.” You can slavishly follow the Truth or slavishly follow a Lie, but there’s no such thing as an independent, honest seeker of the truth.

    Nice contrast:
    Last fall we had a rather hate-filled preacher show up for three days at Eastern Michigan University. He stood outside the library and ranted against gays, against sex, against pretty much all the usual suspects. Quite a few students were shocked that this was permitted and protested that they felt attacked by his words. And so they were, but we used the occasion to explain about freedom of speech and, when the dude was gone, the campus held a “healing ceremony” on the same site. That’s how you deal with disagreeable speech.

    Accounts and photos here, if you’re interested:


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