Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Whining About Poker

I had an absolutely horrid night of poker tonight and, since I have a blog, I’m gonna whine about it. In two hours of play I lost $400 while getting great cards. I had pocket queens 4 times in 2 hours, raised big preflop all 4 times and lost all 4 times. Twice it was to a big ace when an ace hit the board, which is okay; that’s how you expect to lose if you have pocket queens and you know that’s gonna happen sometimes.

But once I got called by a drunk idiot with a 10 2 off suit. He called a $16 preflop raise (this was a $1/$2 no limit game) with that hand and the flop was J 8 2. Then he called an $88 all in bet after the flop with his bottom pair, middle kicker. And of course, he hit a 10 on the river. This was only a few hands after he won about $150 from me in a pot where I had A J and the flop was A J 4. He had a 4 5 and rivered a third 4.

The last time my pocket queens lost: I raised, again, to $17 preflop and a different idiot (who had already sucked out big in a couple of hands where he got his money in as a big underdog) went all in for about $60. I called instantly and he turned over 7 8 of spades. The flop was A 10 5, one spade. Turn and river were both spades and I lose to the flush.

I was getting consistently good cards. I didn’t lose a single pot where I didn’t get my money in or put the other player all in with a big advantage. And I lost huge. Yes, I know that donkeys like this are where much of our profit comes from. That’s exactly the kind of player you want to play against, people who will call huge bets when they’re a huge underdog. But when they draw out on you over and over again, it’s still frustrating as hell. Sometimes you just can’t fight stupid.

And no matter what that Hoyle card of hand values says, one donkey can beat two queens every time.