Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Dumbass Quote of the Day

From the Worldnutdaily’s boy wonder, Ben Shapiro, a past winner of the Robert O’Brien trophy:

President Barack Obama’s ego is like an agitated puppy: it requires constant attention and a good deal of petting. Fortunately for Obama, world leaders recognize his insecurities and cater to them. Unfortunately for America, world leaders have realized that by catering to those insecurities, they can keep the president distracted just long enough to do what they want. The president is like an unattractive high school girl desperately looking for a date to the prom: Any boor can take her for a few compliments. It’s only when she arrives home the next morning, deflowered, that she realizes she’s been suckered.

Ironically, Shapiro himself wrote a column arguing that we should prosecute people for criticizing our government. If he had his way, he might well be the first one on the chopping block.