Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Guess What? No Ark Showed Up.

And I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya. Despite promising to reveal the genuine, real, authentic Ark of the Covenant, the patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church did not produce the artifact in Italy. But I love this line from the Worldnutdaily:

Ark hunters and Bible enthusiasts have been buzzing for two days on the report from the Italian news agency Adnkronos that Patriarch Abuna Pauolos, in Italy for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI this week, said, “Soon the world will be able to admire the Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible as the container of the tablets of the law that God delivered to Moses and the center of searches and studies for centuries.”

And the rest of us have been having a good laugh at all the “Ark hunters and Bible enthusiasts” who actually were “buzzing” in anticipation.