Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Stuart Pivar: Ballsy or Crazy?

Some of you may remember the brouhaha caused by Stuart Pivar around these parts a couple years ago. Pivar wrote a breathtakingly bad book called Lifecode and sent it to PZ for him to review. So he reviewed it – and trashed praised it for its “flagrant crackpottery.” A couple years later, Pivar, in a fit of pique, filed a libel suit against PZ and Seed Magazine. For $15 million. Because a scientist and specialist in the field addressed by his book gave the book a bad review.

You can still see the complaint here.

The legal complaint and the arguments it made was not only ridiculous, it was one of the most absurd and frivolous complaints I have ever read. It was so bad that it was withdrawn almost immediately. I criticized the hack attorney who wrote that piece of crap lawsuit, Michael Little, and he then threatened to sue me for criticizing him. Clearly these people are rather thin-skinned and highly irrational.

So here we are two years later and what does Pivar decide to do? Send his new book to PZ and ask him to review it. Seriously. Is this move kinda ballsy or is he just out of his freaking mind? I’ll let you decide that.