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DUI Checkpoint Stops Zero DUIs

Another good catch by Balko, who links to this article about a DUI checkpoint in Florida that found lots of other things to arrest people for and give them tickets for – but no DUIs.

A DUI checkpoint over the holiday weekend resulted in 10 people being arrested and more than 100 drivers being issued traffic citations.

The Florida Highway Patrol arranged for the checkpoint to be set up in the 2500 block of Southwest 13th Street in Gainesville between 10 p. m. Friday until 2 a.m. Saturday. FHP Lt. Pat Riordan said that during that time, 1,131 vehicles were checked.

Here’s what they did find:

Although no one was arrested for DUI, FHP said the following actions were taken during the checkpoint:

–Two arrested on outstanding warrants.

— Seven arrested on felony charges, including six on drug-related charges.

— One arrested for misdemeanor drugs.

— 104 traffic citations issued.

— 10 faulty equipment warnings were issued.

— 10 warnings were issued.

But if that justifies having a checkpoint to check every single vehicle and driver, ostensibly for DUIs, doesn’t it also justify just having random checks for no reason at all? Why not just go door to door and ask everyone for their license to see if they have any outstanding warrants? Or set up a checkpoint outside every mall, or on every major street, and run a police scan on every single person? After all, that would lead to the same results. And those results seem to be the only thing that matters.


  1. #1 DUIBlock.com
    July 12, 2009

    DUI Checkpoints are 100% unconstitutional, yet police continue them and do not follow the rules set forth by the supreme court.

    Not only do police participate in these actions, but media never calls them out on the unconstitutionality of them.

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