Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Maddow on Stupak and the Family

Rachel Maddow picked up my story about Bart Stupak denying any involvement with the Family despite having lived for years at the now-infamous C street house. Unfortunately, she seems to have gotten the story not from the Michigan Messenger but from Deb Price’s story in the Detroit News, because she uses quotes from that article that are slightly inaccurate.

The News article does not quote Stupak entirely accurately, not actually verbatim (I recorded the conference, so I still have the audio of the whole thing and did a word-for-word transcript before writing my article on it). It’s not really inaccurate, it’s pretty close, but it’s near to being a paraphrase in a couple of spots. One more reason to be irritated that the News did a shoddy job of trying to steal my story without bothering to do any actual work on the story.

Rachel brought Jeff Sharlet on her show, the same person I cited in my article (and someone the Detroit News didn’t bother to contact before rushing Stupak’s denial on to their website), and he repeated much of what he told me earlier that day as I was writing the article. Here’s the video:

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