Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Klingenschmitt’s Latest Lunacy

Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt, defrocked chaplain and wingnut first class, is now using the promotion of a weapon the Pentagon itself says it doesn’t want or need in order to stop that evil homosekshuls agenda. Balloon Juice reprints a PDF of an email that the arch-conservative magazine Human Events sent out on Gordo’s behalf entitled “F-22 jet can shoot homosexual agenda down in flames.”

When Sen. Leahy (D-VT) attached the pro-homosexual “Pedophile Protection Act” to the Defense Authorization Act, he imagined zero resistance from House Democrats, or from President Obama. He failed to realize, however, how the battle to fund the F-22 Raptor jet for our Air Force could shoot the homosexual agenda down in flames. We have one last chance to stop the “Hate Crimes” bill, by demanding the House Conferees stand firmly by their 389 to 22 vote to fully fund the F-22 fighters. If they do, President Obama has vowed to veto the entire bill, and kill the pro-homosexual “Hate Crimes” amendment with it.

He is, of course, using the religious right’s absurd title for the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act, which was attached to the defense bill he’s speaking of. Now, I don’t think that attachment should be legal. I think there should be a congressional rule, if not a federal law, doing away with such unrelated attachments. If you want that bill to pass, bring it up its own, convince your colleagues and the people, and get it passed.

Here again is a situation where there are entirely reasonable arguments to be made against hate crimes legislation, but the right wing resorts instead to the most ridiculous, hyperbolic and downright loony arguments against it. It’s as if demagoguery is bred into them as surely as a televangelist is born with that plastic, Mr. Potato Head snap-on hair.

But here’s the punchline: even after admitting that the hate crimes bill contains explicit protections against the very thing they’ve been using to rail against it — the claim that ministers would be ripped from their pulpits by jackbooted government thugs for preaching that the Bible condemns homosexuality — he still wants people to stop the bill by demanding the funding of a weapons system the military says they don’t want or need:

Furthermore, after our 1,055,000 petitions were read by some Senators, they voted 78-13 to pass Sen. Brownback’s good amendment to the Hate Crimes bill, protecting freedom of speech by pastors, stating the federal hate crimes law shall not be “applied … in a manner that infringes” First Amendment rights or that “substantially burdens any exercise of religion … speech, expression, [or] association, if such exercise of religion, speech, expression, or association was not intended to … incite an imminent act of physical violence against another.” Sen. Brownback provided additional protection for religious exercise and free speech beyond the minimum protection that a court may apply. Your faxes to the Senate helped win this victory! (Much to the dismay of the homosexual lobby, who even now is demanding Conferees undo the good we’ve done.)

But Conferees have power to strip the Brownback Amendment, which we must protect. And Conferees have power to equip American pilots with F-22 fighter jets, which would guarantee Obama’s veto of the entire “Pedophile Protection Amendment.” So we must act, and now petition the House and Senate Armed Services Committees for two things:

1) Keep the good Brownback Amendment, and don’t allow it to be stripped in conference.
2) Keep the good F-22’s, and equip American pilots with the best fighter jets in the world.

As an Air Force Academy graduate, I can say our military pilots deserves the best jets, which President Obama and some Senators sadly wish to stop funding, even while they load our Pentagon Budget with special rights for homosexuals, pedophiles, and deviants.

I can’t decide whether Klingenschmitt is dangerous or if he’s just too ridiculous to be dangerous.