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More Insanity From Orly Taitz

Salon has an article and audio of an interview with Orly Taitz that has her craziness on full display. There’s virtually no crazy conspiracy she doesn’t believe.

Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is a fake. Boring, I know. Per Taitz, Obama’s mother concealed his birth in Kenya to avoid having to process her son through immigration, because she stood to lose years’ worth of welfare dollars.

It’s Barry Soetoro, not Barack Obama. In Taitz’s telling, he went to school in Indonesia not as Barack Obama, but as Barry Soetoro. Through his father, he holds Kenyan and British citizenship, and through his stepfather, he has an Indonesian passport.

The president has dozens of Social Security numbers. They’re so obviously fraudulent that they mark him as well over a hundred years old, and from Connecticut, and from every other sort of wrong place. In addition to forging his birth certificate, he had a goon tamper with his passport, then just maybe had that goon killed. (“I’m just providing the facts. You can infer anything you want, but here are the facts: This person was cooperating with the FBI. Had to do with passport records, and he was found, shot in the head.”) Obama’s Selective Service certificate is forged, and a police officer looking into forgery claims was warned off by higher-ups.

FactCheck.org is not to be trusted. FactCheck.org, the debunking site that verified Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate and labeled the Birther conspiracy bunk, is unreliable, says Taitz.

“Oh, oh, oh. Oh, let me tell you about FactCheck. FactCheck does not have one single forensic document expert. They have no expert. So what I have provided has more value than what they have provided. Not only that, did you know that FactCheck.org is an offshoot of Annenberg Foundation, as well as Annenberg Challenge.” Which brings us to:

The Annenberg Challenge program for Chicago schools, for which Obama sat on the board, saw hundreds of millions of dollars mysteriously frittered away. Here, I admit I paused to wonder whether the Annenbergs might not be mad at Obama over the fraud at the Annenberg Challenge, and thus unlikely to cover up for his Kenyan-ness by pulling strings at FactCheck.org. But I said nothing to Taitz.

Obama’s campaign was guilty of widespread intimidation of Hillary Clinton supporters in the Democratic primaries, perhaps in addition to vote fraud through dead voters. Also Obama or someone working on his behalf has made several attempts on Taitz’s life, including tampering with her car.

Google is in on all of this. Taitz hedges and hints as with the gay murders, but she seems to entertain the possibility that Google, or possibly the entire Internet, is part of the plot to cover up Obama’s illegitimacy. She muses darkly on the hacking of her PayPal account and the disappearance of her Wikipedia page, as well as hundreds of thousands of lost results for the search “Orly Taitz.” She wants to know how else to explain why Google flagged her Web site as a “Reported Attack Site!”

Hundreds of servicemen are getting sick from mysterious vaccinations. Taitz wants some answers on why members of the military are required to receive certain vaccinations. “Did you know that there are hundreds of servicemen, that were vaccinated, and have reported serious, severe side effects of vaccination?” I ask her why there are mandatory vaccinations. “I don’t know, and we can ask the Department of Defense. There is no reason provided!” Maybe soldiers going into combat may need certain kinds of immunity?

The flu vaccine is contaminated. “There is another concern in regards to vaccinations,” says Taitz, “and vaccination against the swine flu.” She starts to tell me about contaminated vaccines in the Czech Republic.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may have been rigging our elections. He can do this because he owns Sequoia Voting Systems? Did I know this? No. Neither did Google, since searching the Internet seems to indicate it’s actually just a group of Venezuelans who own Sequoia, a fact I point out to Taitz.

Taitz is unfazed. “That’s another interesting issue, because there was a transfer of shares. And some shares were transferred to company called Smartmatic, out of Florida. And then there were reports that actually, Hugo Chavez and people close to him own a large number of shares of Smartmatic.” Oh, and there was another report, says Taitz. “But mainstream media would not talk about it. One of the founders of Smartmatic was in a very strange accident, in a small plane. Both engines gave way, and the plane fell from the sky. Interesting — it was the sky over Caracas, Venezuela.” Haven’t I ever wondered how it is that Congress maintains abysmally low popularity but most members are reelected, Taitz asks. I offer the standard response: “Because people distrust the institution of Congress, but like their personal representative? Isn’t that what numbers usually show?”

“Not necessarily, not necessarily,” says Taitz, and moves along.

You can’t penetrate crazy.


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