Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Idiot of the Month: Arlen Specter

I have long loathed Arlen Specter. He’s pretty much a spineless jellyfish as a politician, a man who, over and over again, makes speeches full of bold principles and then votes against those same principles. And frankly, the Democratic party should have told him to go to hell when he decided to switch parties purely to get himself reelected (and go Joe Sestak, beat the hell out of him in next year’s primary).

So why has my ire been raised against him again? Because as usual he is capitulating to right wing demagoguery, this time over this nonsensical “death book” bullshit. He’s actually talking about submitting legislation to ban that book:

Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter said Tuesday he may introduce legislation to “prohibit” the use of a controversial end-of-life care guide used by the Veterans Administration that critics say sends a “hurry-up-and-die” message to injured troops.

The guide, called “Your Life, Your Choices,” was suspended under the Bush administration but has been revived by veterans officials in the Obama administration.

Specter, who sits on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, on Monday formally requested a hearing on the subject in a letter to Chairman Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, after telling “FOX News Sunday” that he would call for one.

He said he has also asked the Department of Veterans Affairs to suspend the use of the guide and take it down from its Web site pending an analysis of the document.

“That counseling memo is very tough on veterans and I don’t think it’s the appropriate counseling. I think we have to protect the veterans and encourage them,” Specter told FOX News on Tuesday. “If the hearing shows what I think it will show — that it’s not desirable — I will introduce legislation to prohibit it.”

I notice that his approval ratings have dropped like a stone in Pennsylvania since he switched parties. Maybe people are finally catching on to the fact that the only thing that matters to Specter is protecting his career.