Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Luskin v Luskin

I’m not the one who discovered this, but it’s too amusing not to note publicly. Here’s Casey Luskin last week:

“When I blogged at the end of last year about Miller’s similar mistakes at the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial, Dr. Miller responded by making me aware of something I did not previously know: apparently Michael Behe wrote the section in Of Pandas and People on blood clotting. “

And here’s Casey Luskin in 2005:

“Though Behe was a contributor to Pandas, it was on the blood clotting cascade section (found in Chapter 6, “Biochemical Similarities”)–not the fossil record section in which this notorious definition of ID as rejecting common ancestry dwells (pg. 99-100).” Apparently this reporter wasn’t listening when Behe testified as to his limited role in Pandas.

Apparently, Casey wasn’t listening to either Behe or himself.