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Gambler Wants Casino to Cover His Losses

Here’s a story from right here in Detroit, where a guy who lost a fortune gambling thinks he should get his money returned because he was “brainwashed.”

The 61-year-old professional engineer indulged his appetite for cards, slots and game tables at MotorCity Casino in Detroit for a decade, losing $673,854 of his own money.

Looking back, Parise says he believes he was brainwashed by the casino to keep coming back to gamble more.

And now that he says his head is clear, Parise — who says he hasn’t set foot in a gambling hall since March — wants his money back from the casino he blames for his losses.

And he’s got his rhetoric revved up for the task:

In the suit, to be heard Friday in Wayne Circuit Court, Parise alleges the casino “knew or should have known of his enormous financial losses” and did not make any attempt “to aid” him in stopping them.

In an interview with The Detroit News, Parise said the casinos market themselves as places of entertainment when they are in, in his opinion, illegal operations that deceive the public.

“These places, they suck people in. It’s not gambling, it’s brainwashing. They take money from you until it is gone,” he said.

Illegal? Michigan passed a law explicitly legalizing the opening of that casino, by public referendum. This guy is an idiot.