Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Two Poker Hands on Full Tilt

Playing poker on Full Tilt last night and these two hands happen back to back while playing $1/$2 no limit hold em with a .30 ante. I’d been playing for a while and was down about $100 from my original $400 buy in when these hands happened.

First hand I’ve got A 8 of clubs on the button. There’s a raise to $10 and 3 callers to me. I just call, hoping to hit a good flop in late position. Sure enough, the flop comes with three clubs so I’ve got the nut flush. It’s checked around to me and I check, hoping to get someone to bet into me on the turn. The board pairs jacks on the turn and a player in early position bets $20, about half the pot.

I raise to $60 and he calls. The turn is a blank, he checks, I bet out $120 and he makes a great laydown, showing trip jacks. Heck of a laydown, the way that was played, but he obviously sensed that I had slowplayed the flush on the flop. Saved himself a lot of money.

So the very next hand, I get dealt pocket 7s. Same player raises to $12 preflop. One other caller, I call. Flop comes 2 6 7 rainbow. He bets $30, I raise to $100 and he calls. Turn is a jack. He checks, I go all in and he calls. He had pocket jacks and had spiked a jack on the turn to go set over set and beat my trip 7s. Isn’t poker fun?