Dispatches from the Creation Wars

One More Thing About Bachmann

I forgot to mention this in my post about meeting Michelle Bachmann. While I was standing there waiting to get a picture with her, she was bragging to her followers around her that the House Republicans had kept bringing up pointless amendments. “We brought up an amendment to delete page one of the bill, then another one to delete page two of the bill, and on and on. Anything to delay and disrupt the bill from passing,” she told the guy in line in front of me.

The other thing that they did was try to bring the entire process to a halt by objecting to every single speaker asking unanimous consent to have their full remarks placed in the Congressional Record. This is an absolutely routine request and it is always granted to any member of either party. It allows a speaker to make brief remarks on the floor and then place a longer, more detailed statement into the Congressional Record.

So every time a Democrat speaking in favor of the bill would begin their remarks with the normal “I ask unanimous consent to be allowed to revise and extend my remarks,” a Republican would stand there and yell “I object” over and over and over again. Basically, they acted like a bunch of five year olds, stomping their feet and screaming at the top of their lungs for attention. Here’s the video of them doing this: