Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Joseph Farah, grand poobah of the Worldnutdaily, has a frightening column calling for a theocracy to be established in the United States. He doesn’t do so openly, of course, but what else could this possibly mean:

The Bible clearly identifies homosexual behavior, as opposed to homosexual thoughts or predilections, as sin.

The issue Christians and Jews should be focused upon is whether it can ever be acceptable for the government to condone sin – or, worse yet, encourage it by making it a “right.”

I don’t believe government can do that without dire consequences.

And then he launches into the tired old “God will destroy America if we don’t do what he says” nonsense. But think about this. He’s arguing that it is never acceptable for a government to allow people to commit “sin” as defined in the Bible and that if it does allow that to happen, God will punish that country. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rationale for a theocratic dictatorship.

Imagine what it would take to prevent people from sinning, both in terms of the laws needed to criminalize “sin” and the tools needed to enforce those laws. Premarital sex must be banned. Good luck enforcing that one without Orwellian-level interference, including cameras in everyone’s house. Or heck, just go back to the Old Testament where God allows women to be stoned to death if they don’t bleed on their wedding day (men who weren’t virgins can’t be detected, of course, so they can’t be punished in that manner; quite a coincidence, that).

We’ll have to disband Red Lobster, of course, because the eating of shellfish is declared a sin. Come to think of it, that’s not such a bad idea anyway. America can probably survive without those glorified Long John Silver’s joints. And no one will be able to wear mixed fabrics anymore. For once, the fashion police won’t be just a metaphor.

Then again, Mr. Farah may well be indicting himself here. A government that forbids sin would have to forbid lying. And given that Farah makes a habit of lying — like his lies about his involvement with Rev. Moon — that might get him in some hot water too.