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Washington Times Going Under?

I hate to trust a source like the Worldnutdaily, but they’re saying there’s a good chance the Washington Times, the Rev. Moon’s propaganda rag, may be going under.

The Washington Times, a daily launched in 1982 by Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, is set to lay off much of its editorial and production staff today, according to reputable sources within the paper.

The struggling paper, which reportedly has lost billions of dollars in its 27-year history, may be on the verge of a shutdown within 60 days. The paper may switch to a completely online format, according to insiders.

But as usual, the Worldnutdaily leaves important facts out of the article:

In January 2008, Editor in Chief Wesley Pruden retired and was replaced by Solomon, a veteran of the Associated Press and Washington Post. Shortly after, the paper announced it would stop using terms such as “illegal aliens” and “homosexual,” complying with the same standards of political correctness found at most other daily news organizations.

Solomon resigned last week without explanation.

Gee, could it have something to do with the fact that Moon’s son fired most of the top management of the paper a couple weeks ago?