Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Pat Displays His Racism Again

Our old buddy Pat is back and he’s taking his racism out for a walk again, this time in response to the shooting of the alleged cop killer in Seattle. This is a rant that has to be seen to be believed.

For putting a hamburger-headed looking Negro thug out of his own damned misery, the Seattle Police Department deserves a metal of freedom. That is right, I said it, I am glad as hell, that this black thug is dead. Truth is, this black bastard should have been executed, long ago, for his damned crimes in the first place. This is why; I believe that death penalty is a sane solution to our Prison overcrowding system. However, because we live in a liberal society, that believe that dirtball thugs like this have rights too; most States in America do not have a death penalty in them and dirt bag black bastards like this continue to roam the streets and fill our already overcrowded prisons.

Pat’s a little confused. The death penalty is imposed by courts after someone is convicted. What this police officer did is not the death penalty. Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t entirely justified, of course. Sometimes the police are going to have deadly confrontations with bad guys and the bad guys are going to get shot. Given that this guy had already killed several cops, the officer was understandably not going to take a chance with him. But that really has nothing to do with the death penalty.

And rest easy, Pat fans; he’s prepared for you dirty liberals and your logical arguments:

I know, some of you, most likely liberals are going to say that this is a racist posting. I got one thing to say; I am a white and proud motherfucker and I am sorry that you are not. Besides, we all know that the black race is not exactly made up of civilized human beings anyhow.

Let me get out my imbecile to English translation guide: “I know you liberals are going to call me racist, so let me duck into the punch by saying something really racist.”

But here’s my favorite part:

Now to sit back and watch the liberal race baiters heads explode and laugh all the way to the bank.

Uh, Pat….you aren’t going to the bank no matter how many people point and laugh at you. You need a job first. And a car.