Dispatches from the Creation Wars

But it passed with less support this year than last year, which is good news. Reuters reports:

The U.N. General Assembly condemned defamation of religion for the fifth year running on Friday but support continued to erode for a resolution Western countries say threatens freedom of speech.

The assembly passed the Islamic-sponsored resolution with 80 votes in favor, 61 against and 42 abstentions. That compared with 86 votes to 53 with 42 abstentions for a similar text last year and figures of 108-51-25 in 2007, the last time the measure commanded an absolute majority of U.N. members.

This is a non-binding resolution that comes up each year. The fact that fewer states seem to vote for it each year is a very good thing. Let’s hope that continues.

But Angela Wu of the Washington-based Becket Fund for Religious Liberty said the resolution “provides international cover for domestic blasphemy laws that are overbroad and easy to abuse.”

“The concept of ‘defamation of religions’ undermines the foundations of human rights law by protecting ideas instead of people, and empowering states instead of their citizens,” Wu said in a statement.

I could not agree more. Too many people forget one very important idea: All rights are individual in nature. Group rights are oxymoronic. No group has any right not to be criticized or disliked.