Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Pat’s Immunity to Irony and Dissonance

Yes, this post is about Pat. Don’t read it if you’re tired of reading about him. But I’m writing it because I think this is a poster child example of a common attribute in this country, where some people seem to be entirely immune to irony or cognitive dissonance. Pat has displayed this trait in many obvious ways already, like claiming he was going to have me thrown in jail for stalking merely for criticizing something he wrote publicly and then posting what he thought was my address on his blog and inviting people to pay me a visit (and then, in a rarely seen triple irony backflip, accusing someone on another site who posted his address of stalking him).

Then there’s the clear contradiction in claiming that anyone who criticizes him is violating his freedom of speech while simultaneously saying he will shoot anyone who “talks shit” about him to his face. Clearly this guy is utterly incapable of recognizing the contradictions in his own actions. And here is yet another example: He actually criticizes Pajamas Media for allowing racist comments on their blog (more accurately, for “Allowing” racist comments on “thier” site – hey, you got your random capitalization in my inability to spell; no, you got your inability to spell in my random capitalization).

Pat? Accusing someone else of allowing racist comments on their blog? When he posts astonishingly racist crap on his blog and then blows a gasket when someone points out the racism? Let’s recap. First there was his reaction to a Republican legislator voting for health care reform. That legislator is of Vietnamese descent, causing Pat to spew his racism all over his Twitter account:

@AnhJosephCao You Bastard piece of shit fuck! GO BACK TO Saigon, South Vietnam where you fucking BELONG GOOK!

My Uncle served in Vietnam all he could stab this Country in the back. @samuel @levihenry @kerrence @tonyyeung @paparatti @Yeggo @frautoasty

Some of us, have not forgotten what happened on Dec 7, 1941 either! @samuel @levihenry @kerrence @tonyyeung @paparatti @Yeggo @frautoasty

@tonyyeung That’s because LIBERALS like YOU LIED about the damn war, ya sland-eyed ASSHOLE

I’m really starting to distrust ANYONE of Eastern Descent. 1st it was John Yu, then it was Obama’s guy saying we should repay China.

I’m head fucking serious… Al-Qaeda is not our Worst Enemy. The East is man. China, Japan, Vietnam, all of ’em. #tcot #hcr #killbill #VTO

Remember ’41 people, this was their revenge on us. Ceo is a fucking Commie Plant in the G.O.P. #tcot #hcr #killbill #VTO

@FoxieNews Ya think? That rat bastard sold the G.O.P. up the river! and After all the Americans that went to ‘Nam and Died. :-/ Pissed.

@samuel They had it coming after what they did to us at Pearl Harbor!!!!

@TexasRV Not to mention that Yellow man Cao that sold us up the damned river.

Whack Job my ass…. that bastard slant-eyed son of a bitch sold the G.O.P. up the fucking river and he knows it!

Nah, no racism there. By the way, here’s the comment that was apparently allowed at the Pajamas Media blog that Pat is calling racist:

You ignored the elephant in the middle of the room. The population of Detroit is 82% black. The schools didn’t fail, the students failed. Ozzie and Harriet didn’t ravage the city, Jamal and Latisha did. When the refugees from New Orleans settled in other places, they brought a crime wave with them. In Detroit they drove out the decent people and mostly refuse is left. All you say about Leftists and unions is true, but without factoring in the huge element of race, your analysis is meaningless. Drop the PC and try again.

And he’s right, that certainly is racist. But let’s compare that to something Pat himself wrote less than three weeks ago:

For putting a hamburger-headed looking Negro thug out of his own damned misery, the Seattle Police Department deserves a metal of freedom. That is right, I said it, I am glad as hell, that this black thug is dead. Truth is, this black bastard should have been executed, long ago, for his damned crimes in the first place. This is why; I believe that death penalty is a sane solution to our Prison overcrowding system. However, because we live in a liberal society, that believe that dirtball thugs like this have rights too; most States in America do not have a death penalty in them and dirt bag black bastards like this continue to roam the streets and fill our already overcrowded prisons…

I know, some of you, most likely liberals are going to say that this is a racist posting. I got one thing to say; I am a white and proud motherfucker and I am sorry that you are not. Besides, we all know that the black race is not exactly made up of civilized human beings anyhow.

He is completely impervious to the stench of irony, hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. He loudly accuses others of the very behavior he engages in as a matter of routine. As I said, this is a fairly common trait in this country, especially among the right wing. But rarely have I seen a case this advanced. This is weapons grade cluelessness.