Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Madison, Wisconsin — already one of the coolest towns in the country — just got a little more interesting. My buddy Skip Evans sends along the following:

Building on the success of Madison Science Pub (madsciencepub.org), the organizers of that event have launched Pub Politico, a brand new monthly event starting January 10, 2010, that will give the public the opportunity to discuss vital topics of the day with experts, legislators, and activists from across the political spectrum.

Our first Pub Politico will feature Shawn Francis Peters. He will discuss public regulation of religious behavior and the current debate in Wisconsin over state law that appears to exempt parents from criminal prosecution for the death of a child when they choose prayer and other faith practices over standard medical care.

Visit http://pubpolitico.org/ for the time and location, and to register to receive monthly announcements about upcoming Pub Politico events.

Sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll even get invited to speak at one of them and we can have some fun.