Dispatches from the Creation Wars

If you thought the weird little birther world of Orly Taitz couldn’t get any weirder, you were wrong. Now the Robin to her Batman, Charles Lincoln, has gone public with a spat between them that is quite amusing. Lincoln is a disbarred attorney who has been acting as Taitz’ clerk, filing papers for her in court all over the country. Now he says he is a jilted lover for the married Taitz. In a strange, meandering screed on his blog he confessed his love for her and called her pretty much every name in the book:

Likewise, honest and righteous people can, from time-to-time, fall in love across “normative” boundaries of marriage and family. It was my belief that Orly and I were such people and I begged her to “come clean” and openly admit what had happened. My feelings for her were always entirely honorable. My intentions were always honorable. I was committed to her. She said she was committed to me. Perhaps we should have ended up like (ironically) that famed French Socialist President Mitterand, mourned at his funeral by his wife and mistress crying on each other’s shoulders. I don’t know. I would have rather Orly left her husband because it would have been a clean break, and it would have accurately reflected how much we had in common and how much work we had to do on the mortgage front as well as the political front–fighting socialism’s highest ranking symbol (the President) and its highest ranking cause and engine (irresponsible credit economics as exemplified in the mortgage finance and foreclosure crisis facing America today). Orly promised to aim her passion and dramatics against the Banks, which would have been a fantastic use of her talents. So the way I see it,

Orly has not only betrayed me, however, she has betrayed the principles of truth, honesty, candor, and transparency. Orly has betrayed her commitment to a parallel and related cause, also: the cause of economic reform.

Moreover, and quite appallingly, horrifyingly, in fact, despicably, Orly has falsely accused me of forging her signature on a document which she had approved (by signing it at least ONCE, according to her own admissions). Orly has falsely accused me of deceiving or defrauding a court in Florida, and asking a Judge to Dismiss a case in which she had not merely offered but promised and committed to appear and represent me and my co-Plaintiffs.

This was only one of several cases in which she not merely offered but promised and committed to appear but then refused to do. Plus there is the whole business of drafting an affidavit carefully enough as to be so vague as to avoid actual perjury in falsely accusing me but so precise as to make the insinuation and suggestion very clear to any reader. No, Orly has proven herself no devotee of the truth, or justice or of righteousness, nor of any kind of honor. My love for her was totally honorable, as was my commitment to her cause. I would have confronted her husband and told him to set her free had she ever allowed me to do so. I would have challenged anyone in the world to question my devotion to her.

Let me make one thing clear: as much as I despised Obama’s politics and his proposals for more and more credit banks, including his July 2008 campaign promise for an Urban Development Bank, until I met Orly I never gave a second thought to the constitutional dimensions of his citizenship until I realized of what a vast pattern of compulsive lies they comprised but a tiny proportion. Orly convinced me that she was right, that this was a realistic crusade, and she enlisted my help. But from the very beginning she refused to listen to any concept of caution or hesitation.

Because I fell in love with her, I followed her orders blindly, and now see that she simply used me as generating machine to produce semi-coherent texts. She never wanted thought or analysis (certainly she did not want to participate in any). Furthermore, in addition to our romantic involvement, Orly offered to represent me in my nationwide crusade for sound financial practices and a restoration of private property, respect for the integrity of the mortgage finance system, and in general a return to a productive rather than credit-based welfare economy based on conformity to lies. Orly promised, she committed, she showed signs of willingness actually to move forward with great plans. She even seemed genuinely enthusiastic and to make an effort at learning what appeared to be a whole new field of law and economics to her.

And so we became more and more deeply involved. By mid-October, when we were in New York together and Lucas Smith published his “declaration”, I had wrapped my life around Orly’s and I guess I honestly believed she had wrapped hers around mine and she said over and over again how much she was committed to me and how she never wanted us to separate. Three weeks later she had abandoned me, and yet some people have the nerve to call ME mentally unstable! I am honest about where I come from. Orly is not. Orly used her words and promises to induce me as long as she wanted and then she dumped me with no regard to her promises whatsoever.

And all the while I see now that Orly, while constantly flattering me about my “intelligence,” and “scholarship” and “intellectual capacity”, avoided as much as possible any use of my brains which might have cautioned hesitancy or restraint of any kind. This is how she has gotten herself into so much trouble. Her modus operandi is speeding, in cars and in courts. Her constant counter-plea, whenever I asked for time to sift through the legal or factual material, was that to wait even a moment to engage in reflective thought or analysis would be to lose her followers, her supporters, and it was for their sake that I had to write without thinking, without adequate research or time, without allowing thoughts to sink in or mature.

This is why we lost (no, it was not because of Carter’s conceivably but unlikely compromised Law Clerks….)–like the proverbial fools we rushed in where Angels might fear to tread. Orly then, embarrassed by her setbacks, embarrassed by Lucas Smith’s incomprehensibly malicious initial disclosures (Orly knew he was staying in my house in September and could not help but notice that she was there and coming out of the shower before anyone else was up….day-after-day–so don’t accuse ME of incaution here!) But despite her rashness and impetuousity and lack of caution or care, Orly and now her supporters blame ME for the explosion of all this. I suspect it would have been a mild and trivial sideline if Orly had merely, appropriately and honestly, separated from her husband during this time period, but she chose to try officially to keep the lid on something she lacked the care to keep secret in reality. We wandered around every city in the country together–I very proud to be with this wonderful, passionate, and yes quite beautiful woman.

Orly’s lack of judgment in the handling of our relationship exactly paralleled her lack of judgment in handling the constitutional eligibility litigation. She needed me and probably still needs me in every possible way, but I don’t have her husband’s money and so she chose to DUMP me, to DUMP real love, for the illusion of piles of federal reserve notes and other credits, and she goes on with her reckless rage and fire.

Good lord, I think I’ve died and gone to junior high. Seriously, could these people get any more ridiculous?