Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Pat has now posted a second, absolutely hilarious, video to Youtube. He’s responding to someone who left a comment on his last Youtube post telling him:

Dude, you are seriously ill. Get some help mate, and shave that fucking jihad beard.

So Pat makes this rambling, incoherent response that mostly just talks about how he’s a Christian and not a Muslim. And he actually calls this guy a “racist bigot” — talk about projection!

A couple things in the video are really funny. First, that he goes out of the way to tell you that he bought an audio version of the King James Bible himself, with his own money. Terribly impressive.

The second is that he feels the need to actually defend the fact that he has a beard. And his explanation: Because his dad really likes it and wishes he could grow one. There, don’t you all feel better now knowing that? Personally, I don’t think that’s why he has the beard. I think it’s because this is him without the beard (and this is the right picture; the old one was of Pat Robertson and I uploaded the wrong one).


And yes, that really is him without the beard. Now I’m not usually one to make fun of how anyone else looks – hell, I’m not exactly Brad Pitt, obviously. But since ol’ Pat goes out of his way to insult women who aren’t skinny and who have short hair, I think he’s made his own appearance more than fair game. And a face that ugly needs more than beard — it needs a niqab (that’s the full face covering worn by Muslim women in the more fundamentalist Muslim communities, the one who think nothing but the eyes of a woman should be seen by anyone).

Oh, anyway, here’s the video. You’re welcome.