Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Dumbass Quote of the Century

This one may actually be the dumbass quote of the century and it comes, unsurprisingly, from our friend Pat:

All of the media outlets; including Fox News are asking, “why?” Hello! It does not take a damned rocket scientist to figure that little problem out. It is the elephant in the room, that nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to talk about. Has anyone else in the world bothered to notice the skin color of this terrorist suspect? Uh, Duh. He is a black person. Our President is also a black person. One plus one usually equals two! It seems that nobody is either willing or even possibly able to make that connection.

Oh, this really should be good. Let’s look at the actual argument he’s making here. He’s actually claiming that no one in the government did anything about this because the bomber was black and it would make Obama mad if they stopped a black man from bombing an airplane full of American citizens. Seriously:

Our Government officials new about this guy and knew that plans were being made; but they did not do anything about it. Why? I will tell you why! Because they knew, that if they acted upon this little piece of evidence, that it would possibly upset the President; because the mean ol’ United States Government was picking on some poor young black man — of whom the the white man oppressed and the Government did nothing about it for so many years. I mean, if you were employed by the NSA or CIA and you were aware of this situation, would you want to risk angering a black President, who was all down with “The Struggle”(tm)? I think you all know what I mean.

Seriously, how does someone get this fucking stupid and not blow themselves up with fireworks as a child, or swallow too many marbles or something?