Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Watch Fox News Today

Okay, it’s not very often that I’m going to recommend watching Fox News. But this afternoon on the show Real American Stories, an old friend of mine is going to be appearing. His name is Aaron Dworkin and he’s the founder of the Sphinx Foundation, which provides opportunities in classical music to minority students. This is really an incredible group that does such great work.

Aaron is a brilliant violinist himself and the work he does has touched tens of thousands of young lives. Through Sphinx programs, young musicians have received instruments they would otherwise not have been able to have, training in their craft and the opportunity to perform with major symphonies all over the country.

The Sphinx foundation has received enormous support from the musical community. Some of the world’s finest musicians, like Yo Yo Ma and the incomparable Itzhak Perlman, have lent their time to the group and helped mentor young prodigies who have gone on to perform at some of the great venues in the world, including Carnegie Hall.

In 2005, Aaron won a richly deserved MacArthur Fellowship for his work. He’s an inspiring guy and one of the most unique people I’ve ever known. We worked together for an environmental group in the late 80s and became friends, part of a circle of people that I really miss because we don’t see each other much these days.

But you can see him interviewed on Fox today between 3 and 4 and again between 7 and 8.