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Worldnutdaily: Do Try and Keep Up

The Worldnutdaily has yet another idiotic screed about how equal rights for gays and lesbians will mean cross dressing men raping your daughters in the women’s bathroom. At the bottom of the post, this alleged news organization shows you just how poorly they keep up with the news.

And city officials in Kalamazoo, Mich., only weeks after adopting a “perceived gender” bias plan have abandoned it in the face of massive public opposition.

You’re just a wee bit out of date with that news, WND. And your explanation is obviously false. Why? Because the link is to an article from a year ago. What happened in the meantime? Voters in the city of Kalamazoo adopted that very ordinance by a 62-38 margin. Massive public opposition indeed.

To make themselves look even more ridiculous, their example of this incredible danger lurking in the ladies room is a straight man:

This is not the first time the argument has arisen. WND previously reported when the city council of Tampa, Fla., voted unanimously to include “gender identity and expression” as a protected class under the city’s human rights ordinance, leading some to fear the council has opened the city’s public bathroom doors to sexual predators masquerading as protected transsexuals.

A statement from the American Family Association explained, “Tampa Police arrested Robert Johnson in February 2008 for hanging out in the locker room-restroom area at Lifestyle Fitness and watching women in an undressed state. The City of Tampa’s ‘gender identity’ ordinance could provide a legal defense to future cases like this if the accused claims that his gender is female.”

Right, because the first thing straight men who want to leer at women think of is to pretend to be a transsexual – because that’s such a great way to pick up women, isn’t it? Hundreds of cities and many states already have ordinances that protect against discrimination on the basis of gender identity; there isn’t a single example of any woman ever being harmed or peeped on in a bathroom by a transsexual or transgendered person. That’s precisely why they have to use examples of straight men doing it before such laws are adopted. Their “reasoning” is simply bizarre.