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Another Crazy Conspiracy Theory

James Hanley stumbled on this far right fringe site that claims that there are tunnels dug under the Bering Straits, through which Russia is prepared to launch an assault and take over the United States. You know you’re in for some serious crazy right away when you read this:

Both Russian sources and US military have confirmed a huge military tunnel beneath the BERING STRAIT, linking SIBERIA with ALASKA

No, it was not DUG out, but BORED OUT using nuclear power that melted it’s way through solid rock, six miles a day.

Everyone have their tinfoil hats on tight? Remember, shiny side out or it won’t deflect the evil thoughts.

The SHADOW GOVERNMENT and the MANY nations behind the scenes who hope to get a “PIECE OF THE PIE” AS AMERICA IS DIVIDED UP, her Constitution and sovereignty rescinded, her Patriotic and religious freedom fighters rounded up or killed off, sent to the camps Bolshevik communist style, to be tortured and killed as NWO resisters…

But since I know that the Kings of the East will be coming to America down through Alaska and Canada it is easy to see that it is more than likely true. This article also says (see above link) that there are already 200,000 foreign troops massing in the Bering Strait area which is not unusual.

It is also common knowledge to those who ‘have ears that hear and eyes that see’ that there are at least 100,000 Mexican troops on America’s southern border with Mexico under the guise of fighting a drug war. I believe the drug war is being used as a distraction to cover up the fact that the Mexican troops and other nations troops stationed down there will be used to strike at the belly of America at the appointed time…

In the two short videos below they talk about guillotines that are now secretly being stored here in America. I’ve been hearing stories about these guillotines for many years now. This video report says that these guillotines are now and have been stored in America for quite some time. Also according to this video these guillotines will be used to decapitate Christians and others who do not go along with the New World Order.

All of this is coming from another nutball named Pamela Shuffert, whose blog is must reading for those who are attracted to serious crazy.

You know why they had to dig that tunnel, don’t you? Because Sarah Palin would see them coming from her house if they tried to come any other way. They have to tunnel beneath Sarah Palin.


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