Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Movies You Secretly Liked

Okay, here’s a corollary to yesterday’s post about the worst movies you’ve ever seen. How about a movie that lots of other people think is bad but you like — secretly. A movie you’re slightly embarrassed that you stop and watch whenever it’s on because you know it’s bad but you’re somehow drawn to it. I’m not talking about movies that are so bad that they’re good, where you like them out of some ironic joy in watching a train wreck. I’m talking about movies you know you probably shouldn’t like but you still do.

Okay, I’ll start: Armageddon. Yes, it’s a godawful movie full of preening performances, dialogue that sounds like it was written on Twitter before there was such a thing and an astonishingly ridiculous plot. For some reason, I still find it entertaining and stop to watch it when it’s on TV.

Okay, one more: Any of the John Hughes movies, with one exception: St. Elmo’s Fire. Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles and his other movies can be mildly entertaining to me. I suspect it really has more to do with a bit of nostalgia for the time period in which they came out, which was my teenage years. But this does not apply to St. Elmo’s Fire, which belongs on the list with Eyes Wide Shut. One of the worst movies ever made. The Rob Lowe performance alone — cringingly, embarrassingly bad — is enough to put it on anyone’s bottom ten list.

Okay, your turn.